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ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content. It provides a much improved Joomla experience. The key feature is the ability to create your very own custom content types. You define what a type is made up of - e.g. text, images or a file download. Any combination is imaginable! You bring the content, ZOO brings the elements to structure it and make it look good!

Apps for every Purpose

ZOO moves from simply being a CCK to an Application Builder. Apps are extensions for ZOO which are optimized for different purposes and types of content catalogs. ZOO offers a wide range of apps to get you started right away. There is a blog, a product catalog, a cookbook, a business directory, a documentation, a download archive and a movie database app!

ZOO Apps for every Purpose

Joomla Integration

By now ZOO has developed a thriving ecosystem, with new ZOO extensions appearing regularly. It also integrates well with many popular Joomla extensions. Besides the ZOO component itself offers additional modules and plugins. They allow a seamless integration into Joomla and provide a richer tool set to create your website.

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